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Precise Dispensing System glossary"A line"

A line

  • ACV series
  • A kind of capacity type fixed quantity valve that operates only by air pressure. It is composed of Main plunger and plunger, and of each connects it with the air cylinder. Check valve is not assumed to be constructional necessary. It is possible to use it to discharge grease, oil, and other viscous liquids. The industrial property has been acquired.
  • *ACV-001SPP type and ACV-002SPP type and ACV-010SPP type
  • ACG series
  • It operates by the air pressure with the pump that supplies a viscous liquid to the ACV series dispenser. There is a product applying to 1kg can, 2.5kg can, and 16kg can. There is a feature such as being able to suck in grease to the can bottom.
  • *ACG-011FK model and ACG-020 model and ACG-040 model
  • ACP series
  • Capacity type fixed quantity valve that operates only by air pressure. It provides with check valve on the inlet side and the discharge side to suck in liquid by the reciprocation of Main plunger, and to do the process of the discharge. It's suitable for the low viscosity liquid such as water. In large part, there are results the jelly and for the food such as the seasoning liquids.
  • ACC series
  • It is controllers for the Precise fluid dispenser series, and the following kind exists.
  • *ACC-300 Model: For Air operated pump ACG series and ·ACC-200 model: For Precise fluid dispenser ACV series
  • ACU series
  • Air control panel to operate Air pump and Precise dispenser. (order production goods) There is ACU-300,200,500 Model by the purpose.
  • Air three point set
  • Among the air control equipment, the one that the filter, the regulator, and Lubricator made a set is indicated. In the pneumatic equipment industry, this is called F.R.L combinations. This one set that consists of three point unit is at least necessary for the air pump. - Lubricator might be removed for the air pollution prevention recently. In this case, attention of equipment's falling into lubrication shortage.