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Lubricating System
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  • Precise dispensing system
  • Auto Greastar for Chassisr
  • Auto greastar
  • IHI Lubricating system
  • แผ่นพับของระบบการจ่ายที่แม่นยำ
  • 润滑油定量供给装置
  • 定量供給裝置
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For the customers who have purchased this product (customer support)

For the customers considering the purchase of IHI precise dispensing system or lubricating

Precise dispensing system:
Capable of coating, injecting or spraying liquid for fixed amount.
Lubricating system:
小型設備用給油装置 オートグリースタ
Centralize lubrication for the driving and sliding parts. Both grease and oil are supported.

Selection flow

Want automatic coating/injection of liquid for fixed amount to products.
Precise dispensing system
Want comfortable facility

Small system
Number of oil inlets:
Max 100
Auto greastar
Large system
Number of oil inlets:
Max 1,000
Dual line / Single line lubricating
  • Total coordination for a series of work: equipment/piping design -> equipment installation -> piping work -> trial operation is possible.
  • Please feel free to inquire about other engineering products such as hydraulic system, forced lubricating system and oil air.


  • 2019/09/17


    Catalog of “Precise Dispensing System” and “Auto Greastar” have been updated. (Download Page)

  • 2018/08/02


    Notice of the discontinuing and unifying of ACV series. (PDF:343KB)

  • 2018/08/02


    Notice of the model change for Motor driven pump SK-505BM-1 series. (PDF:387KB)

  • 2018/08/02


    Notice of the new distributor BU series. (PDF:215KB)

  • 2017/08/01


    Troubleshooting (Precise dispensing system, Lubricating system ) pages added.

  • 2007/03/30


    Special site opening of Precise Fluid Dispenser.


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