Precise Dispensing System overview

INCREDIBLE PRECISION!! IHI Precise Dispensing System

IHI announces the birth of an epoch-making precise fluid dispenser that can handle any changes in temperature or viscosity of the materials.

The IHI precise fluid dispenser is capable of supplying a fixed amount of material with high accuracy. Therefore, you can select the type that best suits your system's materials and use.

A suitable type for the use material and the usage can be chosen with the device that surely spreads or supplies the material of a constant amount.

You road of IHI fixed quantity supply device is...main....

The manufacture and assembly of all kinds of automobile components for electrical wire connectors, brakes, door locks, windshield wipers, etc...

The manufacture and assembly semiconductors and electrical components for CD, DVD recorders, Video camera, Printer and Electrical appliances.

The manufacture of ball and roller bearings, the maintenance of a proper level of oil filling in gas meters and other such devices and other manufacturing and assembling processes.

Selection Table

Dispensing Patten Precise Fluid Dispenser Name Dispensing Volume Supply Grease Pressure Application Pump
Precise Spot Dispensing ACV Precise Fluid Dispenser 0.005~1.2cm3 0.2~0.7MPa ACG-020
Precise Spot Dispensing CVM Precise Fluid Dispenser 0.05~1.20cm3 5.9~14.7MPa ACG-040
Precise Spot Dispensing CVN Precise Fluid Dispenser 0.03~1.0cm3 5.9~14.7MPa ACG-040


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