Q&A concerning Precise dispensing system.

Q1What are the features of IHI precise dispenser and supply pump?
  • Precise dispenser
  • 1) A stable dispensing accuracy
  • IHI precise dispencer uses volumetric type that is less affected by changes in viscosity and in temperature of grease/oil than syringe type. Designed with a focuses on the stability of the discharge amount, IHI precise dispencer is highly effective in equipment that requires repeated application accuracy. In addition, it is a compact and lightweight that can be easily mounted on automated machinery.
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  • Supply pump
  • 1) Reducing oil separation of grease
  • The supplied follower plate (*) allows the IHI feed pump to discharge grease without pressurizing the grease surface inside the pail. Therefore, the load on grease is extremely small and oil separation is reduced.
  • (*) What is "Follower plate" ?
  • By placing the follower plate on the top surface of the viscous liquid in the container, air layer is blocked while smoothing out the liquid surface. Using the pump's suction tube as a guide, it descends with the liquid level.
  • 2) High cost performance design -Save your money and precious grease-
  • The independent follower plate design allows grease to be consumed up to the bottom of the pail without the need for air venting. Therefore, the amount of grease to be wasted when changing the pail can be minimized.
  • 3) Low level switch to detect remaining grease level
  • The standard low-level switch detects the remaining grease level and contributes to systematic grease procurement.
Q2What is the discharge volume range of the IHI precise dispenser?

A wide range of products from 0.005 to 20cm3 as dispensing volumes is available. Please contact us for more information on product selection and product recommendations for your application.

Q3What is the grease-consistency range that IHI precise dispenser can apply?
  • From No.0 to No.2 in NLGI consistency number(NLGI grade) greases can be applied.
  • *The NLGI consistency number shows a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubri-cation, as specified by the standard classification of lubricating grease established by the National Lu-bricating Grease Institute (NLGI).
Q4Are there any products that can discharge fixed amount of oil or can spray ?

We recommend ACV (L)dispenser series for discharging fixed amount of oil. Spray application is possible by combining ACV (L) with a commercially available spray nozzle. Please contact us for details.

Q5Is a pressure-actuated pump necessary to use the ACV(L) dedicated for oil?

If the tank and IHI dispenser are installed next to each other and the tank is installed higher than the dispenser, oil will flow down by its own weight and no pump is required. However, when using high viscosities, a pump is required.

Q6What is the difference between IHI dispenser type ACV and type CVM?

Q7How can we make sure of the performance of the product before purchasing?

Lending demo machine is availble. Please inform us the detail for the application such as the required discharge amount, repeatability, and can container shape.
Our staff can be dispatched, also, if you provide us with the lubricant you are using, we will conduct an application test at our side and report back the results.


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