Q&A concerning Precise dispensing system.

Q1What features do the Precise dispenser and the supply pump have ?

  • Supply pump
  • (1)It operates by the air pressure.(2)Because mechanism parts are few, the breakdown is hardly found.(3)Especially, the pump for the Pail can is very few the amount of the grease remainder and economical.
  • Precise fluid dispenser
  • (1)Because it is volume type, the discharge efficiency is high.(2)As for the amount of discharge, it blind to the charge of the temperature and the viscosity easily.(3)It is easy to install in an automatic machine because it is lightweight and compact.

Q2Very, can a small amount be exhaled ?

Even 0.005cm3 is possible. It is necessary to note it because the difference grows by the error of measurement in thevicinity of the most small value and by the mixing degree of air on a liquid inside.

Q3Which place is the discharging accuracy of the Precise fluid dispenser ?

The influence of the temperature and the viscosity is not received our Precise fluid dispenser is a volume type, and accuracy is steady repeatedly compared with the syringe method.

Q4Can you use it for the hardness of grease I ?

In general, it is possible to use it up to NLGI No.2.

Q5Because I want to confirm the performance, could you lend the Demonstration kit ?

Please inform us the details of discharging . Our company attends and execute the test with a demonstration kit.

Q6Can it discharge fixed quantity oil or spraying ?

It is possible. The ACV(L) model Precise fluid dispenser only for oil is recommended.

Q7Please let us know the difference between ACV and CVM series properly.

  • ACV type
  • (1) The usage: It uses on the case not to give pressure so much with grease, oil, and other viscous liquids.
  • (2) The structure: Operated by means of air pressure.
  • (3) The feature: Suitable for a small amount discharging.
  • CVM type
  • (1) Usage: For grease mainly.
  • (2) The structure: It operates by the air pressure and the grease pressure.
  • (3) The feature: It is easy to install in an automatic machine etc. Because light and compact more than the other companies product.

Q8Is there a good method to discharge the fixed quantity grease by manual procedures ?

The fixed quantity dispensing can be bone by using the Precise fluid dispenser and the PN model Pen type nozzle.

Q9Is there something good method to discharge or fill grease of rather much by manual procedures.

It is possible by the combination of the ACG model Air operated pump and the HV model hand gun.

Q10I must get the data to confirm the fixed quantity beforehand though I want to use your product.

Please provide the viscous liquid used to confirm the discharge performance. Please inform us your required amount of the discharging, the repetition accuracy and the shape of container at same time.

Q11Is there necessary for the feed pump though wants to fill the fixed quantity oil in a vessel ?

It the tank and the Precise fluid dispenser are installed next to, and the tanks position is higher than the Precise fluid dispenser, it falls by the self-weight.There is no pump necessary.However, it needs it for a high viscosity.


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